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50 out of 300 AP's do not show GPS info in SCG

New Contributor
Our network has 2 AP zones with a total of 280 AP's (240 7782's and 40 7982's) . We are running SCG ( The 50 AP's that are not showing their GPS locations are spread out between the AP zones, different sites and AP versions.

Here is what I get on AP's with no GPS info:

rkscli: get gps

GPS chip: BCM47511

GPS state: Enabled

GPS coordinates : Acquiring satellite signal

Geo location source: gps

This is what I get for AP's with GPS info:

rkscli: get gps

GPS chip: BCM47511

GPS state: Enabled

GPS coordinates : 37.800884,-122.409411

Geo location source: gps

GPS last update at: 2015-10-29-06:52

GPS next update at: 2015-10-29-19:52

I have rebooted the AP and disabled/enabled GPS state. Neither command got the AP to "acquire satellite signal" and identify its coordinates.  
Any other ideas?

Does anyone know have any information about how the GPS info is provided to each AP?



Contributor III
Have you checked the cable running between the AP and the GPS?

GPS data is accomplished by trilateration and the antenna on the GPS must have CLOS to the sky to be able to determine distance to multiple satellites and use that data to determine its coodrinates.

If the AP does not have CLOS to the sky you wont get snyc and you will need to manually input the GPS coordinates on the AP.

In my opinion I dont even know why you would attached a GPS to an AP anyway, as WiFi does not need a clocking sync time for data transmission.

Valued Contributor

Only outdoor AP have GPS, indoor not.

If the outdoor AP does not give GPS, then it usually cannot get the signal.


Martin, apparently not true. One of the 4 in my building does, why don't the other 3 R600 APs?
Image_ images_messages_5f91c476135b77e247a9faa4_985cfadf8460ac074d6b7f971c406fc5_RackMultipart20160920273231dwr-fe0b4409-570e-4dd0-8ada-89a32c06fda0-440719605.JPG1474407609

Is that one of the four APs, close to a window?  Are the other three further inside the building?