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2 x new APs not getting all SSIDs

New Contributor

I have an Unleashed setup with 2 x R510 and 2 x new R550.

One of the R510 is the Master.

I have 3 x SSIDs (on 2 x frequencies - 2.4 and 5) which push out fine showing 6 x SSIDs on the R510 units.

The R550 units only pick up 3 of the SSIDs - eg. with SSID1, SSID2, SSID3 and variants, the 510 units have

SSID1 (2.4), SSID1 (5), SSID2 (2.4), SSID2 (5), SSID3 (2.4), SSID3 (5)

However the R550 units only have

SSID1 (2.4), SSID1 (5), SSID2 (2.4)

There is nothing in any logs that I can find to indicate any issues.

I have tried factory resetting.

I have created a new AP Group and pushed config.

What else can I try here?


RUCKUS Team Member


You can try making R550 as Master, including that help us with below information.

  • Unleashed firmware version used in your setup.
  • SSID auth types used for configuration.
  • Screenshots from the R550 APs WLANS details.


Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

CCNA RnS | CCNA Wireless | CWNA | RASZA | Meraki CMNO | RACPA

RUCKUS Team Member

Please login to the R550 CLI (SSH) and enter the below command to see if the SSID is broadcasting on 2.4 and 5 GHz.

get wlanlist

You should see the 2 entries for the same SSID, 1 for 2.4 Ghz and 1 for 5 GHz.
WLAN ID for 2.4 GHz will be from Wlan0.
WLAN ID for 5 GHz will be from WLAN32.

You can send us the output if you do not see 2 entries.
Also, On the SSID settings >> Advance Options >> Radio Control >> Enable WLAN on : is selected for "All Radios"

New Contributor

Forum won't allow me to upload screenshots so...

Firmware: System version

Firmware on all APs match that version.

1 SSID users 802.1X EAP with WPA2 and RADIUS auth (this one works)

the other 2 SSID use Open WPA2 with PSK (one half works, one doesn't work)

WLANs in GUI on the R550 units 
ssid1/ssid1 80:bc:37:4a:70:80 802.11b/g/n Up
ssid1/ssid1 80:bc:37:8a:70:80 802.11a/n/ac Up
ssid2/ssid2 80:bc:37:ca:70:80 802.11a/n/ac Up
WLANS on the R510 units
ssid1/ssid180:03:84:0b:18:c8 802.11b/g/n Up
ssid2/ssid2 80:03:84:4b:18:c8 802.11b/g/n Up
ssid1/ssid1 80:03:84:0b:18:cc 802.11a/n/ac Up
ssid2/ssid2 80:03:84:4b:18:cc 802.11a/n/ac Up
ssid3/ssid3 80:03:84:8b:18:c8 802.11b/g/n Up
ssid3/ssid3 80:03:84:8b:18:cc 802.11a/n/ac Up

New Contributor

get wlanlist on R550 output

** Ruckus R550 Unleashed AP: 302202018420

Warning: AP is in Unleashed-Managed mode
Current or latest Unleashed: / 80:03:84:0b:18:c0
Any configuration changes made in CLI may conflict
with the Unleashed's management and
will cause undefined results.
rkscli: get wlanlist
name status type wlanID radioID bssid ssid
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------
wlan0 up AP wlan0 0 80:bc:37:4a:70:80 ssid1
wlan100 down MON wlan100 0 00:00:00:00:00:00
recovery-ssid down AP wlan102 0 00:00:00:00:00:00 Recover.Me-0A7 080
wlan32 up AP wlan32 1 80:bc:37:8a:70:80 ssid1
wlan33 up AP wlan33 1 80:bc:37:ca:70:80 ssid2
wlan101 down MON wlan101 1 00:00:00:00:00:00
recovery-ssid down AP wlan103 1 00:00:00:00:00:00 Recover.Me-0A7 080