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zf7363 Random disconnection issue

New Contributor

AC hardware model: ZD3000, software version

AP hardware model: ZF7363. AP management address adopts static IP address

Fault phenomenon: In the past two months, the AP has been randomly disconnected and not on the same switch. After the disconnection, it cannot automatically connect to the AC, and at this time, the IP address of the AP cannot be pinged. After powering off and restarting the switch port of the AP, the AP returns to normal. After a period of time, a random batch of 10-20 APs will be disconnected. We have checked the switches and circuits, but no fault points have been found. Before the fault occurred, the AC configuration and switch configuration were not modified.


My personal guess is that the AP model is too old, and after running for a period of time, the memory overflowed, causing the AP to crash. Is there any means of investigation to prove this speculation?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi There, 

Based on the issue reported, we could look at the AP support log to identify what could be the trigger, but in general as you had mentioned. Both the ZD3000 and the AP model are EOL. 

The current software running on the ZD is also a legacy version.[Z...

To know more on the latest software supported by the AP ZF7363 you could refer the link 


New Contributor

Thanks bro,

When an AP is offline, its IP cannot be pinged and logged in, so when issue occurs, the AP's support log cannot be collected. Is the support log after restarting the AP of any reference value?

RUCKUS Team Member

When the AP is offline, have you checked the AP LED status, if they are ON, can you connect the Laptop to the switch where the AP is connected and see if you can ping it?