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replacing dead EOL ZD1200


we had a hardware failure of a ZD1200,

We need to replace our current setup and are unable to get a clear answer on the following.

1. if we purchase a pair of R750's and switch them to "dedicated" unleashed, so that we can transfer the config from the existing backup ZD1200 
CAN they manage a network of 17 R500's? 
or do we also have to replace all the R500's immediately before the upgrade/migration? 
with say R510?

we see the following in the "migration guide" for ZD1200, and it is not 100% clear
"In Dedicated mode, the following AP models are supported: R710, T610, T610s, R610, T710, T710s, R720, R510, 
H510, H320, T310d, T310n, T310c, T310s, E510, C110, R320, M510, R750, R550, R650, T750, T750se, R850, H550, 
R350, T350d, T350c, H350, and T350se. 
802.11n and 802.11ac Wave 1 AP models, such as the R500, R600, R700, H500, T300, R300, R310, 
zf7xxx, and so on, are not supported in the Unleashed network. Ensure that these AP models are not 
migrated to the Unleashed network."


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It's a shane a Ruckus rep hasn't replied yet.

If you're the original purchaser then you should raise a support ticket and get a free replacement ZD1200.

Unleashed is great, but the Dedicated Master migration procedure is more involved than just restoring a backup.

And Dedicated Master will only work with newer APs, so you'll either be running ordinary Unleashed with an old 200.7 version or replacing all your APs.

You asked about R510s. These are end of life & won't be getting updated software (they list Dec 23 as the cutoff for new releases, but list 200.15 as the last unleashed version so you might get one more release).
So your replacement would be the R550.

Hi ,...

yes i'm aware it's EOL, that's why we wanted clarification of the exact path to rip out the old equipment.

Our  main concern was HOW to provide wifi services , whilst we rolled over the equipment.

since as soon as we roll over to the "new 750 as the controller every existing piece of equipment  would then cease to work under the new controller & the network would become "split"

Since putting in new 550 AP under the 750 would not communicate  as a system with the old ZD1200

so things like "handover between  the AP's would cease to work.

And We are not about to start forking out nearly $1,000 USD, just to get some answers to lack luster documentation.

So we just informed their support we will be ripping all ruckus kit out of our business, because they refuse to answer questions related to their own defective documentation , unless we pay a support charge of $750 usd

each time, which is nonsense.

As far as I'm concerned The "RMA" of equipment is a "myth", we have not yet had a single piece of equipment "RMA'ed" without a replacement cost being charged by the agent, albiet a reduced one.

so basically I'd have to pay $300-400USD to get a replacement for dead EOL equipment and  $750 just to get an answer to the questions, then there would be other questions as the picture was gradually formed.


It appears migration between the ZD and other offerings  was thrown together at the last minute without a clear  fully explained situation as regards to  how it happens in the real world.

QED... it's better to just rip it out  and replace with another solution , since the hassle is going to be the same and it's not going to take weeks for an RMA and hundreds of $ for replied to poor documentation.

Esp. as this situation appears to be marketing related,  there is no reason why the EOL AP's cannot be rolled over into the new controller for the purpose of migration.

Hello @itdept_head_me,

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Your concern of using old AP models with new APs is valid, but this is not related to the marketing or business strategy, but related to added functionality and refinements on new software versions, which will not work well on legacy models.

To take an easy example, you cannot run Windows 11 on most of the older laptops where you do not have TPM and other required hardware specifications.

Since you have a ZoneDirector, please do raise a case for replacement (yes you can get replacement even if you currently do not have support entitlement) RMA will be processed under RTF (return to factory) mode of replacement but you will get the replacement device.

If you already have a open case, please do share with me and I will make sure you get help.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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yep you got it in 1......

win 11 is a DELIBERATE attempt to force the users to update, and has nothing to do with the capability of the machine... CPU or other components, it is an attempt by MS to farce an unneeded situation.

We know this because windows ll has versions that will run on almost any win 10 hardware once teh requirements for the TPM are removed, indeed during development &  betas, there was no tpm requirement.


apart from wave II , there is no difference between the systems , and indeed the functionality is REDUCED , not expanded. when compared to the original ZD1200 to the hacked togeether  R750.. and it is "hacked together" becasue it is a WIFI point NOT a controller, infact in your own Tech notes , you even want the users to stop using it as a WIFI point so it can handle being an old ZD1200 , becasue your CPU cannot handle both sets of threads for the 2 functions.

And as i stated previously , I have yet to ever get a replacement  ZD1200 , without your agents pulling a stunt & charging me for the replacement.

and in 1 case your agent suggested that since we could turn the unit on & off once every couple of week to "refresh" the licence, there was no need to do an RMA, and when teh unot failed at you "service center" again they said , when it stops .... just power cycle it.

And your support closed our ticket so i have no "open case"

So based on the rather poor solution of a 750 to fix it up,  we will rip out the kit.