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Will it be any downtime for enabling the smart redundancy for ZD1200?

New Contributor

Hi there,

We have two ZD1200 controllers and managing 17 APs currently.  Recently I found only one ZD1200 is running and the other one is not yet configured.  I would like to enable the smart redundancy and would like to confirm whether the enablement of the smart redundancy will cause any downtime to the Wi-Fi service?  

The other option I'm thinking is to use the spare ZD1200 to be a cold standby.  Can I take a backup of the active ZD1200 and restore to the spare ZD1200 as a cold standby?  Is it possible?



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @RuckusNewbie 
Enabling Smart redundancy will be just like adding the second ZD to the cluster. And this will act like Active Standby setup.
When the Second ZD connects the Cluster there won't be any downtime, but there will be a config push to the APs about the Standby ZD. So it is just a config update to the APs.

You can also keep the second ZD as spare with the, but the advantage with the Smart Redundancy is that the failover\Recovery when the existing ZD goes down is quick.

Thanks and will have a try on enabling the smart redundancy first.

Sure, let us know if you need any further assistance from us.
For any immediate assistance, please open a support case.