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ZonePlanner crashes during report generation

The title is a good summary. Recently, every time I attempt to generate a report, the program crashes, and i get a very generic Windows "the program stopped working" message. I am using version 8.2, build 25989, on Windows 7, 32-bit. I'm not sure w...

Problem starting ZonePlanner

I have just installed ZonePlanner, but it will not start. The splash screen is displayed with a message that it is "Starting AirMagnet Survey" then the program becomes unresponsive and never starts. I am running ZonePlanner on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.

Misleading description of ZonePlanner

We purchased ZonePlanner to help fix some dead spots in our district. We imported our maps fine and started to do the layouts but needed to do a site survey to check some areas only to discover that we cannot unless we upgrade to AirMagnet Pro. On ...

My First attemp with Zone Planner??

Hello; I have some inquires after using ZP firs time: 1 - What is the optimum RSSI level 'Indoor' with a reasonable data rate for user? 2 - What is the minimum value for acceptable interference between two channels? 3 - How we could d...

Zoneplanner transmit power levels

HI there, I am doing my first zone planner job and need to adjust my transmit power levels to the correct level. I have found this document that tells me the levels to set, but the levels quoted for 7363 on 2.4GHz for EU doesn't seem right. It tell...