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Problem starting ZonePlanner

New Contributor
I have just installed ZonePlanner, but it will not start. The splash screen is displayed with a message that it is "Starting AirMagnet Survey" then the program becomes unresponsive and never starts. I am running ZonePlanner on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Barry - that's not a supported platform I'm afraid. From the datasheet:

Windows 7 or Microsoft®
VistaTM Business/Ultimate (SP1) or XPTM
Professional (SP3)/Tablet PC Edition 2005 (SP3)
or MAC OS X LeopardTM (Apple®
Pro running Windows XPTM PRO/SP3 using
Boot Camp®
• Intel®
M 1.6 GHz (Intel®
CoreTM 2
Duo 2.00 GHz or higher recommended)
• 1 GB memory (2 GB recommended) for Windows

New Contributor
Any roadmap for support in Windows 8 in the near future, since downgrading is not an option for me? Windows 8 has been out for about a year now.
Plus, the undelying AirMagnet Survey software supports
Operating Systems:
Microsoft® Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise, Microsoft® Windows 7 Enterprise/Professional/Ultimate, VistaTM Business/Ultimate (SP2), or XPTM Professional (SP3) or Microsoft® Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 (SP3)

Valued Contributor II
I'm checking, but my gut says probably nothing soon enough to suit your needs.

New Contributor III
Barry, I ran the ZonePlanner on a Windows 8 Enterprise x64 system and it ran just fine. It did have to run as an administrator and the exe was set for compatibility mode for Windows 7 but I can't remember if I set that or if Windows automatically did that on install. It was version 8.2 build 25989. Also While AirMagnet survey does support Windows 8 it was introduced in AirMagent 8.5 so ZonePlanner 8.2 still does not officially support it.