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Misleading description of ZonePlanner

New Contributor III
We purchased ZonePlanner to help fix some dead spots in our district. We imported our maps fine and started to do the layouts but needed to do a site survey to check some areas only to discover that we cannot unless we upgrade to AirMagnet Pro. On the ZonePlanner website it says "Quickly validate results against “active post-deployment” site surveys" implying that you can do site surveys. On it says "use the site survey tool (such as AirMagnet) in “associated mode”" which according to the ZonePlanner site it is power by AirMagnet which also leads me to believe that it can do site surveys.

We asked our reseller and they said that we cannot return the software and also they do not sell the upgrade to AirMagnet Pro because it is not a Ruckus product. I now feel that we have a product that while it is a good planning tool does not fulfill our needs. If I would have known we can't do site surveys we would have just purchased "Ekahau Site Survey Premium Pack" for not that much more money and got much more advanced troubleshooting tools plus hardware to support it.

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@Miko, I discussed this with the product manager and he agreed. We've corrected the description. We'll contact you offline about remediation.



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I ran into the same exact issue, I bought a card for the application, purchased the program, setup a laptop for it, then ran into that issue. Wasted hours trying to figure out what I was missing then realized that we wasted money that program.

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Worse here,

Im trying to Introduce Ruckus in 7 holidaymakers who are already our customers only to find that I can not even find the outdoor AP's of Ruckus like 7762 in Zoneplanner. We did bought this also an pre scan tool knowing that we can not do a Survey but ik have to do do many pre estimates that I though it was usefull.

NO outdoor AP to find really makes me think low about the product. Thinking about moving to Cisco or Hive products here if I can not solve this.

You can use a 7962 instead of 7762 if you wish. They are practiacally the same.

With the predictive tools you always have to guess how much the walls attenuate. You can do some measurements and find out the general attenuation of walls and use that in your design, but no tool will help you design to perfection.

I actually don't know what you will accomplish with other vendors since you will have to design the network anyway. So if you can't do it with Ruckus you will not be able to do it with any other vendor either.

But there are planing tools out there. One is the professional version of Airmagnet, another is Ekahau or Tamograph, or maybe some others. In any case you will have to do some measurements to get a better picture of what to do.