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Latest version of ZonePlanner?

New Contributor
What is the latest version of ZonePlanner? I am currently running version 8.2 build 25989. I would like to know what is the latest version available? I have contacted support already and they directed me to the AirMagnet site, however there appears to be no options on their website to upgrade the product.

RUCKUS Team Member
The Ruckus Planner or the Zone Planner's latest SW version is 8.2 build 25989 and this the latest SW that Ruckus customers buying Zone Planner can upgrade to. It can not do 802.11ac designs, but can do 802.11n.
Now Fluke Networks has a general version of Zone Planner which they call AirMagnet Survey and that one is up to 8.6 SW. Airmagnet Survey can do 802.11ac prelim designs.
Marketing, Amit R., will be in talks next week with Fluke with respect to working something out about SW upgrade and the future of the Ruckus/Fluke relationship.

RUCKUS Team Member
The latest version for your ZonePlanner is 25989. Is there a paricular reason why you want to upgrade?

Valued Contributor
Your ZP has a time-limited license. You can go to the AirMagnet website and see when your license will expire and which version of software you are entitled to download. At least that's how I remember it.