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vSCG Setup Wizard bootstrapping error.

New Contributor III
When I finish the vSCG Setup Wizard I get a bootstrapping error. I tried factory defaulting and starting over but get the same thing. I'm using the steps in the Getting Started Guide. Anything I should check or do differently?

Contributor II
That looks about right.
I will work with the support tech to see what we can do. We have deployed the downloaded image quite a few times already and so far so good.

Try downloading a new image and redeploy from a fresh image. Don't pre-set any resources. All I did was have VM deploy from OVA file I downloaded and selected all the default settings, edit the NIC and remove two and powered on the system.

New Contributor III
The support guys figured it out.

After the 'restart network' step, do not reload before going to Setup Wizard. The reload was causing the problem.


New Contributor
Hi gents,

How long should the system take during the bootstrapping process?
It is on 10% for the past 20 minutes

Please advise.. thanks

New Contributor
Still nothing, staying on bootstrap @ 10%
Did a factory reset, went through the steps again, without reloading system
Bootstrapping still at 10%

VMWare 5.5
Mem @ 4096MB
CPUs @ 4
HDD Provisioned @ 100GB - Thick Provisioned Lazy Zeroed

Any other ideas would help


Deleted the VM
Imported OVA, but changed to 200GB Thin provisioning instead

Setup the vSCG without restarting