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"Google Maps API error:" on ZD 10.x.

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Our partner's enginner have deployed ZD with version 10.x.

But Zd shows error msg as "Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError"
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How it solve and why does SZ show it?


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The problem is that in order to edit the API key, you need to first be able to LOAD the map, which fails without an API key.  How an we change this setting outside of the map dialog itself?  Is there a CLI command?

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You have to be carefull not to enter a space at the end of the API key. That was the reason why the entered API key did not work at my ZD in the first place. Getting a key via

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Hi, After applying API, Dashboard disappeared displaying Loading... 
Please help get out this issue

Did you solve the problem? Today I've got the same "Loading" screen...

Not sure if you are still having the issue, but if anyone else encounters this problem this is how I reverted the changes:
1. Navigate to the URL that is the System Settings page of the controller (it is just the dashboard URL that is broken): https://[ControllerIP]/admin10/conf_system.jsp

2. Scroll to the bottom and clear the Configure Map section of the API key you put in

3. Apply the changes and try the dashboard page again.