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Upgrade path for ZDR 1200 to build 98

New Contributor II
Zonedirector 1200 with AP's R310 and R600 

Need advise as to the firmware upgrade path for Zonedirector 1200 from build 41 to build 98


Contributor II
As shown in the release note, both R310 and R600 are supported in 10.4 Refresh 2 (aka so in terms of the AP support you are okay.  Always worth reading through the release note before you do the upgrade.

Page 6 of the release note also shows the supported upgrade path, which the oldest supported for direct upgrade is (10.2 GA), so you will need to upgrade to this first before moving to  So the upgrade path from (3.5 years old) would be as follow (checking the relevant release notes):

Hope it helps.