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display APs state with little colored buttons

New Contributor III
It will be good if in zonedirector GUI: monitor>access points tab has a "colored" status of access point discovery states.
when i have to manage about 70 APs from ZD , to monitor access point discovery process should read states all of theese APs. it will be good if ruckus adds a little colored button near each AP , which shows the APs state in different colors.

Valued Contributor

Some status colorization would be beneficial in most Monitor dialogs.

Valued Contributor
Rather than adding a new icon how about changing colour of existing one?

Would suggest the 5th "network connectivity" turning red instead of green. [excuse my shoddy crayon colouring!]

Better add it's been a while since I had to discover an AP so possible these icons don't appear.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c419135b77e247963b88_18914b86e988b222e5c1690598a21fdc_accessdiscovery_inline-44357b03-a08d-4f4d-bb61-f1f012ad71cb-1650646119.jpg1394790094

New Contributor III
thats can be also an option 🙂 just add colored visual notification on AP state column

What discovery states would you like to see? Do you mean things like:
- discovery mode
- not approved yet
- provisioning
- firmware upgrading
- configuring
- rebooting because of mesh change

Or do you mean something else?