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Zone Director 3000 Fans

New Contributor
Hello, This is the first Zone director 3000 we have bought, We have always bought 1100 before.

Just come to install it on site and the fans seem to be really loud.

Its like when a server bootups in post, which tests all the fans are working ok but then once that process finishes the fans quieten down.

On the zone director its just constant loud. My desk is next to the server cabinet....

Valued Contributor
...yet still much much much preferable to the sound of Justin Bieber.

New Contributor II
Hi all,

We also have a ZD 3000, and the two fans in the back center of the unit stay on full speed during operation. The PSU fan and the one on the other end appear to slow down. The unit is in a 67 degree server room, so I don't think it's overheating...

Is this the normal operation for this unit? It is far louder than any other device in our server room at present.

Valued Contributor II
These descriptions are of course subject to some amount of subjective interpretation, but the consensus here is that this is not normal - you should hear the fans throttle back from the initial high-speed at boot.

My recommendation is to open a support case about a potential RMA.