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display APs state with little colored buttons

New Contributor III
It will be good if in zonedirector GUI: monitor>access points tab has a "colored" status of access point discovery states.
when i have to manage about 70 APs from ZD , to monitor access point discovery process should read states all of theese APs. it will be good if ruckus adds a little colored button near each AP , which shows the APs state in different colors.

New Contributor III

will be good to see following states in different colors:
2)provisioning(can be same color as firmware upgrading state)

that's all 🙂

Sounds reasonable. Provisioning/firmware upgrading state might be difficult, because the AP might be rebooting to make the changes, and at that point the ZD doesn't know if it is rebooting or if it is turned off.

I am developing an iOS app to show the state of our APs. This app actually shows disconnected APs in grey, and APs that need approval in yellow. That helps us a lot. And the user can choose not to see disconnected APs.
If you are interested, you can get a test version of this iPhone/iPad app.

Here is a sample screenshot:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c419135b77e2479647da_2ade8cb79d70a098d5d0648446aca58d_zdviewer_inline-59577027-574b-4b3b-b842-45fcfc7a4e67-1939229910.png1394816047

New Contributor III
great work....

i was thinking about something like that in zonedirector 🙂
for the first time at least colored "connected " and "disconnected" states can be very usefull.


Yes, visual status would be very useful. In the ZD web interface I always press the "status" column header to sort by status. That helps a little.
I hope you know you can all columns, it is quite useful.

I also tried to enter "Connected" in the search field to filter the list, but felt quite silly after doing that. 😉 Combining that filter with sorting by status is not so silly though.