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Is anyone else not receiving "Lost Contact" alarms with 9.10 ZD 3k?

I just upgraded our ZD3k to version 9.10 release 218.  Since the upgrade I am not receiving any alarms.  When I do a test, I receive the email.  Is anyone experiencing an issue with receiving alarm messages?

New Contributor III
I'm also on 9.10 release 218. I still receive rogue AP alert emails. I disconnected an AP about 10 minutes ago and have not received an email alert. The AP shows "disconnected" in the dashboard. Test email came thru fine. I know I received AP lost contact alerts on an earlier version of the firmware.

Disconnected APs (or lost heartbeats) will take 20 minutes before the ZD should email you about AP lost connections.  Did you eventually get an email alert in your test?

Ha!  I didn't wait long enough.  Today I disconnected an AP and waited, and yes, I did receive an email 20 minutes later.  So it seems to be working fine, though the delay in sending the email seems rather long.

Thanks for your follow-up confirmation Bob!