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bonjour gateway - {printers} rolling brownout?

New Contributor
We successfully have bonjour gateway setup in our zone director, but we're seeing a strange, frequently recurring issue.  It's easiest to see from a macbook, with the Add Printer dialogue box open.  The printers may show up fine, but then periodically and frequently, drop off of the list... just gone.  Wait for a while, and they will show back up all on their own.  Note though, that you can force them to reappear, by logging into the ZD, going to the BG setup section, and clicking the "apply" button for both configured sections (but not making any changes.)

Why is this, and how do we get it to be rock solid reliable?  I need an end user to have access to either print to, or add a printer, at any time.


Esteemed Contributor II
Important questions are how many BJ servers and devices are on the same VLAN?
I think some Apple devices can only list X many things seen, but I also know that networks
can be flooded by mDNS advertisements.  Ruckus recommends creating smaller VLAN
segments if/where you can to help reduce broadcast traffic domains.

New Contributor
Our basic layout is-

Server {ethernet} VLAN, x4 additional ethernet VLANS (1 per campus,) and then 3 wireless VLANS (student, staff, guest.)  The printers are all installed on the Server VLAN typically.  3 of the ethernet VLANS have a heavy Apple presence (but mixed with Windows devices.)

We're using Meraki switchgear as of this year, for the vast majority of switches.  There may be 1-3 smaller switches out there that have been missed so far in the upgrades.

Our Ruckus ZD's bonjour gateway is setup with links between Server/Campus vlans for those with Apple products, and also links between the staff wifi vlan, and both server and campus vlans.  

What I refer to as the rolling brownout of the BG, looks like the entire BG just goes offline for several minutes at a time, then comes back online on it's own.  It's almost like it's flapping.  When it happens almost ALL of the BG available printers drop offline (sometimes there is ONE that doesn't drop.)  The weirdest part though, is that I can login to the ZD, go to the BG configuration screen, and click the Apply button for the L3 configuration twice (not once,) and it will come back online nearly instantly - every single time.  So it's definitely got to be something with the L3 configuration on the ZD?


L2 network broadcast "floods" by all servers/hosts/routers (DHCP/DNS/etc) in addition to Bonjour's mDNS, can "overwhelm" the network, and it would be important to capture a wired network trace when you see the BG slowness/problems/glitches to troubleshoot the best.

Do you mean a Bluetooth Printer here for this wireless network?