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Zonedirector Roles and editing AP groups rather than SSID's


I'd like to suggest a feature or ask if anyone knows how to implement this is the current version.

We have multiple sites that all basically publish the same SSID's so staff can move between sites and still connect. This probably isn't anything unusual so far. What I'd like is it be able to define Roles to allow users to edit the WLAN group that's associated with a site. Currenlty I can only see being able to allow them to edit a network, which would affect every site.

What I'd like, is for the IT support on a site to be able to control which SSID's are published on that site, without giving them access to actually change the configuration of those SSID's. 

This would allow them to publish an event network if they are having an event without having to involve anyone else.


New Contributor III
ZD has no multi-tenant service, so basically you have only the option which is unefficient, you must define as many wlan as site you have ...or creating as many wlan group as site you have and binding those to the AP group/site. I don't see other option with ZD 😞

Yes, AP Groups is the design for multiple sites under ZoneDirector, configured with shared or unique WLANs per site/AP Group.