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Zone Director + NPS + VLAN

New Contributor
Hello guys!!!

Im trying to configure a Dynamic VLAN using NPS for a specific group of users.
I have been configured the NPS, but no way to make users to VLAN 14, for example.

My AP is in our branch, with VLAN 14 tagged and non tag VLAN1 and trunk.

My ZD is in different location, in our Data Center in another place. Different subnet and NPS is in the same subnet of ZD.

My question is. Do I need to configure VLAN 14 in the Data Center for the port of the ZD as well?


Esteemed Contributor II
If your user WLAN is configured with Local Switching (not tunneling back to the ZD),
then you only need VLAN 14 at the APs. Clients will hit the network at the AP, and
not at your ZD in the data center.

New Contributor
Right Michael!

I found my problem. A mistake with NPS configuration in PVT Group-ID. I configured like hexadecimal and the correct is string.

My bad.