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Multiple ISPs

New Contributor
I'm new to Ruckus 1100s. I'm trying to figure out if I can have two different networks plugged into the Ruckus (one network cable is CORP access on our Earthlink connection, and the other is GUEST network on a Brighthouse network). Is it possible to have users connect to the guest network and use the Brighthouse circuit, and have people connect their work laptops to the CORP SSID and use the internal network.

The two networks are not connected in any way, the brighthouse circuit is our backup circuit, at which point GUEST wireless would go down due to the network cable being unplugged, until our primary ISP can be brough backonline

Esteemed Contributor II
Both Ethernet ports on the front of the ZD1100 are logically one interface, so we
cannot "route" different traffic out different Eth ports. What you need is a router
and switches that can use 802.1q VLAN tagging. You can route the Guests on
their own VLAN and subnet with access to your Brighthouse ISP, and your Corp
users on an internal VLAN/subnet. The separation provides security and limits
broadcast domain traffic. Your router can define a backup route, to use the
Corp VLAN/subnet, if Brighthouse goes down.