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Hotspot redirection ?

New Contributor
I have an issue with my ZoneDirector 1100. I had WLANs with Zero-IT and DPSK (with an hotspot service to provide PSK on a separate WLAN) and it worked perfectly with 9.6.x releases. But since I have updated it to 9.7.x (and after), it doesn't work correctly anymore. I can still get keys but the hotspot doesn't redirect web browsers to, I have to enter it manually if I want to identify and get the PSK.
Does anyone know where the problem could be ?
Thanks 🙂

Esteemed Contributor II
ZoneFlex firmware version 9.8 uses Guest Access for Guest Pass or Device Zero-IT registration, leaving HotSpot out of the equation. Many customers have provided their feedback that this has reduced their difficulties. If your APs are all supported under 9.8, you might consider evaluating this option. Remember to always save a ZD configuration backup, before any upgrade, in case you want to roll back.

Hi Keat,

We no longer encourage our customers to use Hotspot for redirecting the users to Zero IT activation URL instead we suggest them to use Device Zero IT registration. We have received great feedback as mentioned by Michael.

Check the following KBA that provides config steps: