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ZD1200 firmware access, no support plan, sales unresponsive.

New Contributor

I have a separate posting in Unleashed regarding trying to get a bunch of R710s to unleashed from In hops of finding another route I picked up a ZD1200. It was successful in getting it updated to a later version of 9.12.x but now I need to get it to at least 10.x it would seem to be able to get the Unleashed firmware to be able to be installed. 

However it looks like ZD firmware is restricted to those with a support plan. I have contacted sales several times both through the website and through the phone number (leaving a voice mail). I have yet to hear back after a few days. I'm anxious to get these updated and installed but I can do nothing until I can get access to those firmwares. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Contributor II

If you want to use the ZD1200 you've bought, then plug it into a switch which will give it internet access, and factory reset (poking something into the F/D hole for 10-15 seconds). When it comes back up, log in and check the licenses & support section; you should've picked up 30 days of support entitlement. Upgrade to, which is a free download, and is an intermediate-signed-image (ISI). Wait for all your APs to upgrade. Once all the APs are on 9.13, you can upgrade your ZoneDirector to (a fully-signed image). This will do a factory reset, so don't bother setting anything up under 9.12 or 9.13. Your APs should all upgrade successfully & you're away!

Download and use Firefox to do this. Newer versions of Chrome and Edge don't work properly on old Ruckus releases, so your upgrades will fail.