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ZD1100 cannot connect HP printer and WEP Encryption not supported by build 31 Firmware

New Contributor III
Dear Sirs

This is frustrating. My team installed ZD1106 for customer but HP Laserjet Pro 400 Color MFP M475dw Printer could not associate to the WPA WLAN.  The last time i resolved this, i created another WLAN on WEP encryption for the Printers but Checking ZD1106 Firmware this time, WEP option was no longer included on WLAN encryption option. The connect APs are R500 and R300

Please who have an idea how i can recall WEP option to this ZD? Should i downgrade the Firmware to get back WEP option?


Valued Contributor
Not a ZD issue, it's the  APs. WEP is regarded as insecure and newer (as in last 10 years) kit does not use it or actively discourages it.

R500 and R300 do not support WEP from tech specs doc:

Wireless Security • WPA-PSK, WPA-TKIP, WPA2 AES, 802.11i • Authentication via 802.1X with ZoneDirector, local authentication database, support for RADIUS, LDAP, and Active Directory

Dear Max

I am too forgetful. I have resolved this problem before. I was thinking its WEP i used but its not. Here was what i did to resolve similar issue before and I am going to repeat it today

I had enabled WPA2 & AES, 11r, 11k and tunnel on the WLAN ssid which i guess the printer did not like 11r 

I will created a new ssid with WPA-Mixed & AES encryption for printers, disables .11r and .11k on the new SSID for printers. 

Past Results
1, printers connects well on new ssid
2, users are roaming and browsing well on old ssid
3, users on old ssid could print on printers on new ssis because on same subnet

thanks guys