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Is there a way to filter the output of commands?

New Contributor
Looking to see if we can filter the output of commands like you can in Cisco. When I put in a pipe at the end of the command, it comes back with missing filters, but none of the normal filters are working. 

ruckus# show wlan all |
Missing filter

New Contributor III
Type 'help' before the primary string... eg.  ruckus# help show

This should output a complete list of show commands for whatever priv level you are logged in as.

On the ZD1200 I see the following show wlan block of commands available:

 show wlan all        
                        Displays a list of all WLAN services (Names). 
 show wlan name
                       Displays information for the specified WLAN service (NAME).
 show wlan name stations
                       Displays a list of wireless stations associated with a WLAN service.
 show wlan-group all  
                       Displays a list of existing WLAN groups.
 show wlan-group name
                       Displays information about a specified WLAN group.

New Contributor
Right, but type "show wlan all |" then hit enter. The next line says missing filter. What are the filters?

New Contributor
i am looking for the exact same thing, to filter out just a few lines containing a word out of the output.

ruckus# show wlan all | ?
ruckus# show wlan all |

Is "here" a command?, i could not find it in the CLI reference guide , if i do-

ruckus# show wlan all | here

i get the option to put in the "Word" but it does not seem to work , i tried putting a filter word but i still get the whole thing.

i might be wrong in presuming that this works the same as cisco as well. 

Esteemed Contributor II
Sorry, there's no LINUX type pipe/more filter in Ruckus OS CLI.