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Update for ZoneDirectors

Clicking through the documentation for R700 LCS Firmware, I notice a new update for ZD1100 hidden away in there, which I've happily downloaded... Being always keen to upset my network and try new things the moment they're released - I'm wondering what damage I could do by installing it? It's not available under "Downloads/Zonedirector/1100" which implies it is not intended for general release yet.

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Hi Martin,

That's correct - it's what's known as a "Limited Customer Ship" or LCS release. This is the first time we've used the support site to distribute it. In part because the new R700 802.11AC access-point requires this software version (9.8).

We don't let an LCS release go out with serious known issues, but there are several known issues (see the release notes) it went out with..the purpose of this phase of our release cycle is to get code out for early adopters who might need a particular feature (or bought an R700..), but it is not yet the level of quality we would designate as "general availability" or GA (which will be a later release).

Make sense?


Thanks, Keith. Well explained. So "use at your peril" at this stage.... :)


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We think it's pretty solid overall (we learned some hard lessons with 9.5..) but if you don't need it my recommendation is to wait for the GA release (9.8.0.tbd) at minimum.

Our goal is that the first MR (9.8.1) would only be needed by a few customers and in practice with 9.6 this has proven true - far more customers are running 9.6.0 than are running 9.6.1.

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I noticed the 9.8 LCS release and spotted a few items of possible joy in release notes:

5.1.3. Role Based Access Control
Role Based Access Control allows multiple roles to be able to connect to the
same SSID with different access privileges. Administrators can apply VLAN,
rate limiting, permitted device type and service schedule policies to different
users based on their roles within the organization without having to create
separate SSIDs for different sets of users.

[could be very helpful]
5.1.7. Client Band Balancing
Band Balancing steers clients towards the less-utilized radio band on dual radio APs.

5.1.12. Minor GUI updates including changes to the Restore screen and a button to
export managed AP list to CSV file

[excellent but will wait to see what it entails]
5.1.22. SmartPositioning Location-Based Service (SPoT)
This release introduces Ruckus’ SmartPositioning Technology (SPoT)
location-based service. The SPoT solution is a cloud-based positioning
technology that works with Ruckus ZoneDirector and ZoneFlex Access Points
to accurately pinpoint user locations in real time in any indoor environment.