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Adavantages and disadvantages of using multiple SSIDs

Valued Contributor
In a old thread (that I only noticed recently) it was mentioned that each SSID uses 2.3% of bandwidth. Not seen that figure mentioned before.
I use a lot of SSIDs (12) to segregate, assign and control different groups of school laptops. If this is correct I would try to use far fewer.

Any comments about the BW implications per SSID or other reasons for/against numerous SSIDs welcome. Thanks.

Contributor III
Funny, I just noticed that post too.

..and I just added a comment to this thread:
that might help if you need to do a *lot* of SSID consolidation but still want separate VLANs.

Valued Contributor II
12 SSID's is taking about 25% of your available bandwidth (which increases a bit with the number of clients the AP can hear), so yes, it's definitely significant.

Valued Contributor
That's one reason why you need to disable 11b ASAP. If you use OFDM only you increase the minimum speed of beacons and other management frames.

Contributor III
Ah. Good thinking..
But do you need/want to increase the bss-minrate as well?

What's the lowest 11b speed vs the lowest non-11b speed?

How much of a speed gain can you expect from ditching 11b support and is the speed gain directly related to the minimum "PHY" rates or ...
How much overhead is there that's strictly related to the 11b protocol itself? (as opposed to the PHY rate?)