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Tunneling traffic between an AP and ZD

New Contributor
Hi guys I have a question...
I have a ZF7372 at the office connected/talking via internet to a ZD1100 on our datacenter, and its working well, what I want to do is tunnel all traffic to the ZD to be able to go out the data center ISP instead of my ISP connection
Does anybody already did that?
thanks a lot

Valued Contributor II
Should not be any problem, the only thing to keep an eye on is CPU load if you have a lot of APs/clients but that doesn't appear the case here.

That should work pretty well. I use it to create a vpn tunnel from one office (where some APs are) to another office (more APs and the ZD controlling all of them).
Make sure you turn on the encryption though.

The nice thing of this tunnel is that it is on a lower level than traditional VPNs. You are not even using any ip addresses of the remote site, but going straight to the datacenter and get your ip addresses from there. This means that even if the remote site and the data center use the same IP ranges, there is no conflict.