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Tool box in ZD UI version 10, where is it ?

New Contributor II
Dear Ruckus Team,

Greetings, I'm new in the community, this is my first post. We are an IT company that manages several Ruckus ZD wireless controllers remotely, and now we have passed to version 10 of the UI. 
This version looks faster in performance but is missing something from the previous version I think. I cant find the tool box where there is the option to stop the "auto refresh"  feature. Sometimes I just need the raw list of AP's and is quite impossible to get it if the UI refreshes automatically every 20 seconds. In the tooltip it says "to stop auto-refresh, click the stop button in the toolbar" but where is it? Maybe I'm missing it but I cant see it. Thank you!
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3d9135b77e2478ac86f_660cea37cb3d403acfdec569e17410a8_RackMultipart201710209238qjy2o-0845f813-87e5-4bf1-aaed-be68c9428e51-462761266.png1508498915

New Contributor II
Shows up under Toolbox for me, at the very top right of the browser screen.  What browser are you using?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43d135b77e2479d986f_36532ae93f70f4a42288a837c89a5072_RackMultipart20171023236373n0d-2f277b1b-c96f-4d68-aa3a-503c2d8a0b99-1315300453.jpg1508760331

New Contributor II
Hi John, your screen is from the old version that I also used to have before. I'm talking about Ruckus' UI brand new version 10.0.0 that looks exactly as the pic I posted 

Ah, I missed that.  I'm still on 9.13.3.  The browser question still stands though.  Have you tried it on a different browser?

I'm following the idea of different browser view also...