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Support Tech pointed out that Ruckus does not officially support iOS Safari

New Contributor II
Today after 2 hours, when a support tech couldn't figure out why ipads time out after authentication he pointed me to page 16 of the zone director user manual 9.10 and highlighted "Not Officially supported browsers - Safari, Dolphin, Opera Mini, Android Default, Blackberry Default, etc." Is this true Ruckus does not support safari on ios? If so do we have to change wireless systems /vendors in order to service our customers who use apple ios products.  Also what does ",etc." refer to? 

That has to mean for the ZD web UI itself (which is not supported under Safari).. sheesh! If you couldn't use Safari on iOS, what browser DO they think you should use??

Valued Contributor II
I do not think that's the correct explanation from support. I presume it means the ZD Web UI, like Jim. But FWIW, I primarily use Safari on iPad to maintain my ZD and it works fine. Some parts of the UI are clunky on iOS, sure, but it works.

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I contacted support to resolve an issue of safari on the ipad would not redirect to the requested page after guest access authentication. We could get through authentication to the "continue" splash screen but safari would time out and never go to the requested page. The tech suggested we use chrome but I insisted we resolve the problem with safari. He promptly pulled up the user manual (on our screen share) and pointed to page 16 (as noted above).
Ultimately we tried chrome with the same result.
After another hour of him "configuring" none of my guest access wlans work. Oh he will get back to me Monday. Nevermind we will have 1100 users in here day after tomorrow trying to login to the wifi. What a joke.

Sure could use some feedback if anyone has dealt with this issue (the time outs not the lame support). 


Valued Contributor
Hi Dan, Can you please provide the case number, and I will ask one of the senior support engineers to contact you.

Kind regards