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Smartway/Bonjour Gateway Setup/Best Practices?

New Contributor
Are there any guides to setting up the Smartway/Bonjour Gateway? I am looking for tips or best practices for implementing this. I know the ZD needs to be on a "trunked" port, but what about the APs. Seems each switch manufacturer uses slightly different terminology.


Valued Contributor II
Hi Tim,

Here's an excerpt from a work-in-progress best practices guide that might help:

Setting the Stage
In order to make Bonjour devices available between broadcast domains the Ruckus
Smart Way Bonjour gateway creates a set of rules which are used to selectively proxy
service advertisements between VLANs. The following network configuration
requirements must be implemented:
• All VLANs must be configured and routed between separate subnets with DHCP
• All VLANs used by Bonjour Gateway must be visible to the Zone Director
• All VLANs which are mapped to WLANs must be visible to the APs
Once the network infrastructure is configured the Zone Director must be configured to
provide WLANs as follows:
• Create WLANs which are mapped to specific VLANs based on user roles
• Client Isolation must be disabled on the WLANs which will support Bonjour Services
• Multicast Filtering must be disabled for WLANs which will support Bonjour Services
At this point the network is configured and users in each domain should be able to
reach each other via IP. Devices advertising services on any particular VLAN should all
be able to see each other but not on any other VLANs.

Do you have any similar best practices for Bonjour on the ZD and AP?  I opened a case and tech could not find any in the documents they can access.

New Contributor

This is good information - ideally, to be provided alongside the firmware update notes (it's not yet!)

An extremely related question, is which "service type" needs to be configured for Macs to print to a Windows shared printer on a different VLAN? Airprint and Apple File Sharing doesn't do it, and "other" has no description on how to configure.

Michael (work for Wil!)