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SNMP tracking per WLAN tx/rx per second

New Contributor
I have 50+ access points each with 4-8 wlans. I would like to track upload and download bandwidth via our central management system utilizing snmp. The MIB entries are not working on ZD1200 v10.2.1. What base oid should provide the relevant information?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Richard,

  What is your SNMP monitoring application, and did it load the ZD 10.2.1 MIBs ok?
Do you see some info?  There may be an OID for transmit/receive data, per WLAN,
client, AP, etc.

New Contributor
I use Zabbix, but first I am simply trying to use iReasoning MIB browser. It seemed to load the MIBs fine. I have used both for many years now with good success. The oid for per wlan doesn't work when ran against the ZD.

New Contributor III
Do you ensure SNMP version is v2?