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SNMP documentation for Zone Director 9.6 - missing?

New Contributor III

I'm to create monitoring system using SNMP and need documentation. I already have:
* Ruckus WirelessTM ZoneFlexTM Access Point SNMP Reference Guide (for 9.6)
* Ruckus WirelessTM FlexMasterTM 9.6 SNMP Reference Guide
* Ruckus Wireless TM ZoneDirectorTM SNMP Reference Guide (for 9.5)

I read somewhere that SNMP has been upgraded siginificantly in 9.6 in comparison to 9.5. Can I have doc for it?

Thank you.

BTW, I'm to accomplish statistis breakdowns for customer of *one SSID* not AP (i.e.: cusotmer is using one SSID in a AP, multiple customers per AP):
* users and traffic per SSID in a AP / per group of AP in a venue, per group of AP in all venues, maybe other information as well.

I'm expecting to automate all of this using open source, I hope I can get all the information using SNMP.

Valued Contributor II
Hi J - so with that I think you've got everything.

You may want to also explore this thread:

Valued Contributor II
I just located another document that should help and have published it as a KB article. It will be on the site in a couple of hours:

New Contributor III
Thanks, what I'm missing is Ruckus WirelessTM ZoneDirectorTM SNMP Reference Guide for 9.6. I'm using 9.5 version for now, still didn't get to APs manual yet.

This Cacti thread is fine, but still very limited both in terms of information it gets about installation and features of Cacti it uses. Really hard job is to automate just everything. Of course it may satisfy clients' needs.

If I manage to do better, I'll post it here. I'm to test Cacti.

New Contributor II
Not to jack your thread, but I've also found that certain OIDs or entire MIBs are missing from the MIB packaged download, specifically all of the OIDs that are AP or client specific. As an example, OID is not in the MIB files.