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Capturing frames on stand-alone APs

Valued Contributor
This is either a question or a feature request

I'd like to be able to put a standalone AP in monitor mode to be able to sniff all the packets it can hear.

The reason being that I'd rather buy a RW AP with this feature, than a capture device like AirPcap or airodump-ng that quite frankly doesn't work the way it should. Also there are no more than 2x2 devices out there.

There is this option in ZD now and there is an option in the CLI of the AP, but I'm having problems setting it up to make it useful.

I've found out that I need to have a radio on which to capture on enabled and then set the capture in cli to stream. Then I get about 20 capture interfaces from the AP and I can capture on some of them.

I've been testing for a few minutes now and it seems to me that only control frames are passed.

Does anyone know how to setup the AP properly to capture frames?