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SAMs authentication testing

New Contributor III
Can I remove authentication from a client who has previously authenticated through Radius on a WISPr hotspot with SAMs enabled? For test purposes, I'd like to force a device to authenticate using Facebook, then Twitter.. etc so I need to de-authenticate him each time.

Contributor II
Hi Paddy,

Unfortunately there is no way to kick a client off the radius server, and since the On-Site ZD and Ruckus SCG check the radius server for the client's mac address there is it will always return a success after the first attempt.

One way around it is to create multiple portal, generating different Radius server and testing the different log in option by using a different portal/Hotspot service. It's not a straight forward as being able to delete/removing a client mac, but it will allow you to test different method of authenticating a client. Just change the HotSpot services on the single test wlan.