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Ruckus ZD1200 not showing or allowing me to Join my new R750 Access Point

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Greeting and thanks in advanced.

I am normally a Cisco person but that is at work. I have purchased Ruckus for my home that includes a Ruckus ZD1200 and a Ruckus R750 Access Point. I have on the ZD1200 Automatically approval all to join requests from APs. Problems is that the AP does not even show up in the interface under Access Points I am running Version build 183. On the Access point I am running firmware version I also am not able to find where to be sure that Controller Discovery AGENT(LWAPP)  is on. It appears not to be on. I have paid for Ruckus Watchdog support on ZD1200. Any help would be great. 


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi David,

There are two problems.

1. 200.9 is Unleashed firmware, which is not compatible with ZD. 

Please flash R750 to below firmware version and then it will connect to ZD.

2. ZD1200 on 10.2.1 doesn't support R730.

Please upgrade ZD to 10.3.1 or higher version.

Syamantak Omer
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Thanks for the knowledge. I must have missed this in all the reading I did. Awesome!

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If you have only one AP (or even if you have more), the Unleashed version of the R750 is all you need.  There's nothing wrong with using the ZD but if you can return it, you'd save some money that could be used to buy another AP.  The Unleashed APs can function as both AP and controller.  You get basically the same feature set as a ZoneDirector with a few restrictions, plus you get a few features that a ZoneDirector doesn't support (mobile app to remote monitor/manage at no charge).   

 Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it. Yes more AP's.