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Ruckus ZD100: How to check users connected and disconnected time

New Contributor II

I am using Ruckus ZD1100. I have setted inactivity time out as 240 mins and grace time as 30 mins.

Still I am receiving complaints from my students as they are logged out in every few minutes. I have to prove that they are connected upto 240 mins. So I need to know the connected user start time and disconnected time.

How can I achieve this ?

Thank you,


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Valued Contributor II
Hi Thanikasalam,

Log which you are showing indicates that user was kicked out from WLAN as they failed to authenticate correctly or there was a delay in entering authentication details.

I also noticed that you hit the bug - ER-1553 and i am sure that you have upgraded to latest 9.8 firmware and if you are still seeing the issue then good time to report the issue to Support.

As far as answering your question: - you can setup a syslog server then whenever any user connects to that WLAN - you can see the log which shows starts time and then you can track down on disconnected time. i know this is little rough but can be effective as you can do quick search on mac address, track repeat disconnects and keep them for record too

New Contributor II
Thank you for your valuable reply. I have setted syslog server. I have copied 2 logs. I would like to understand the whole idea of this logs:

1. Leave WLAN with Session Time [44.41 sec]
2. disconnects from WLAN

---------------------------------------------- Full logs ---------------------------------------
02-03-2015 09:53:15 Local0.Info Feb 3 09:53:17 syslog: eventd_to_syslog():User[ec:85:2f:59:d7:15] leave WLAN[EASBstudent] at AP[RuckusAPRoom3-3@24:c9:a1:3d:9b:40] with Session Time[44.41 sec] RX Bytes[30581] TX Bytes[30395]

02-03-2015 09:53:15 Local0.Info Feb 3 09:53:17 syslog: eventd_to_syslog():User[ec:85:2f:59:d7:15] disconnects from WLAN[EASBstudent] at AP[RuckusAPRoom3-3@24:c9:a1:3d:9b:40]

------------------------------------------------------ end -------------------------------------

1. Leave WLAN with session time means user left or the AP forced to exit the user?
2. disconnects from WLAN by user or force disconnected by AP ?

can you clarify these ?

Thank you,


Valued Contributor II
Hi Thanika,

This is a generic log. To really find out whether "user was kicked out by AP" or "user went away on its own", you will have to take Over the air wireless capture as it will tell whether decision to exit(deauth or disassoc) came from AP or STA(user).

You can use packet capture feature on the ZD/AP to achieve this.Refer to KBA on support site to take this further.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor II
Hi In Ruckus zd1200 where i can find logs of connected and disconnected people. same issue facing in our organisation .??