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Ruckus As DHCP Server ????

New Contributor II
Can the ruckus zonedirector 3000 be used in a large wireless environment? It was an option that was brought up today during our pre-install discussions. I was under the understanding that the the zd dhcp server is very limited and not recommended. We have a dhcp running and I was going to use that until this option was presented. In a way it would seem easier to allow the ruckus equipment to handle the wireless side. I just don't see it happening though. We are looking at 4 ssid's and the equipment doesn't seem to be able to provide dhcp scopes. I don't want to find out later it won't work and I have to scramble to get our dhcp server configured.

Thank you

New Contributor III
I dont think using DHCP by ZD3000 is a good option.
Even Ruckus just recommend that only use DHCP built-in in a lab or small environment.
What is your requirement for the wireless? Perhaps I can help.

New Contributor II
I was planning to use our windows dhcp server, but when using ZD as the wireless dhcp server was presented by the installers it seemed to make sense. From what I read though, it didn't seem like a good option.You confirmed what I was thinking. We are replacing our current wireless network with Ruckus. I am trying to get ground work layed so that when they come in to do the install things are in place(dhcp, vlans, etc..)

Esteemed Contributor II
The local DHCP server on ZD can only provide IPs from it's subnet, and is really intended
for bringing up local APs, or use in a limited scale SMB where everyone is trusted.  We
recommend keeping ZD/APs on their own VLAN/subnet, and assigning client VLANs to
your WLAN traffic.

For true Enterprise+ deployments, a company should plan to provide DHCP server(s) for
each client VLAN.  Often, these are Win servers with AD/AAA as well.

New Contributor II
That was my thinking. Vlans on the switches with scopes for each created on our current dhcp server. Thank you