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Is there seriously no way to buy support directly from Ruckus?

New Contributor
All I need is a new firmware version! Spoke to someone in India and he told me he'd have to mail me a list of resellers. Seriously?? I need this now. This should be a simple process. How can I buy a software upgrade right now? Or speak to someone from the USA?

Contributor II
I take it that is is a ZD that you need to upgrade? AP firmware are open to all but ZD firmware can only be downloaded if your account has a support contract. I looked are your account on our system and it's listed as unknown.

Where did you get the unit from? ZDs are not supposed to be sold without a support contract which entitles you to software upgrades. Software download are tied to account and account access privileges are tied to the PO process.

If you want you can send me the details directly and I can look into this for you.

ZD model:
ZD Serial number:
Where did you get the ZD from:

send these information to:


New Contributor
Hello Stephen,

I hope you have received the email I had sent you on Friday, Oct 24th, 2014 around 11 AM PST.

I am sorry that you are not able to buy a support contract for your Ruckus products directly from Ruckus.

We sell via authorized resellers only. as we have a 2 tier channel model.

The way this works is, you contact a reseller for a quote for a support contract for your Ruckus products. After you and the reseller have agreed on pricing etc, you place a purchase order with your reseller. The reseller in turn, places the purchase order via a distributor to Ruckus. There is usually a lag of 10 business days by the time Ruckus receives and processes a purchase order from an end user, like yourself.

If you provide me your address, I can have an account manager call and provide you the names and contact information for resellers in your area.

I am happy to assist you further, if you can provide me the serial number of your products and also the name of your company.

Vassu Redmore