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ZD 1100 random crash

New Contributor II
Hi there,

since some time (and i think it has been quite a long time) i have a ZD1100 randomly crashing.

To be honest, 2 ZD died in a row on this site, gone to RMA. So i'm running on a spare one, kept the old config, and i observe the same crashes, so its doesn't look hardware related. 

The ZD1100 is running the latest available firwmare, and controls 16 R500. 

The configuration is really quite simple, no Vlans, not even client isolation, this is basic non authentifcated wifi access (i have a separate captive portal applicance that manages user access).

So randomly (twice a day sometimes, then nothing during 1 month) it crashes : at first customers can't connect to the network, then the SSID disaprears. And lastly the ZD isn't even reachable. 

A simple reboot solves the issue, but i can't figure why. Simple logs does not show anything. 

At first i thought it could be my captive portal, maybe running out of available ips of whatever, but rebooting the captive portal appliance doesn't solve anything, while rebooting the ZD makes the issue disapear...

I have dozens of other installations, not a single issue like that!

Logs don't show any warning at first sight... 

Any idea where i could dig to find a solution?

ps : sorry for my probably bad english!


New Contributor III
We had 2x 1200s that had a similar situation about a year ago.

WE controlled around 30 7363 APs and ran around 5 SSIDs. We routed all VLAN traffic back through the ZD as advised but found that the units after no set period of time would failover and get stuck in a loop. When we switched off the redundant unit the same thing happened. Nothing in the logs, no real reason.

In the end we had a in depth conversation with Ruckus and although the level of traffic was well within scope of that ZD it became obvious that the ZD wasn't up to the task so needed to upgrade to the 3000. We did that over a year ago now and I've never seen a crash...

Might be worth reviewing the SSID config to see if you have the same problem.


New Contributor II
Hi there,

thanks for quick answering.

So you think the ZD could not handle all the traffic? 

That would be astonnishing... when it crashed it had like 75 users connected to the whole networking, incluing at least half of idle AppleTvs... 

There are 2 SSIDs configured, but only for "branding" purposes" and we had this issue before setting up the 2nd SSID.

The ZD isn't positionned as all the traffic goes thru it...

AP ------ SWITCH
                       CaptivePortal Applicance

so pretty classic...

Esteemed Contributor II
I haven't seen ZDs "die" other than hw, never two in a row...?  And only 16 x R500s, even with 5 SSIDs all
tunneled to the ZD should not impact a ZD1100 CPU so much, unless you're running multiple Guest Access
and HotSpot WLANs (that require ZD processing), with maximum AP clients.

This might take some log analysis with the folks in Tech Support.

The latest release fixes some issue resulting in a warm restart randomly due to SSH attempts from outside the network trying to gain access and other random restarts.  I am not sure if the 1100 supports the latest 9.12/9.13 firmware.