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Interpreting Spectrum Analysis

New Contributor II
Hi, I just want to make sure I am correctly understanding the readout of the spectrum analysis feature on ZD. What does a 'bad'/''good' reading look like?

Here's an example from one of our APs

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3de135b77e2478bc92c_809d8b9d2c467564336b301d1e82bda7_RackMultipart2017053181771vf0s-cbf7a382-c31e-403d-8061-a5667a5c601d-1436024419.JPG1496273078

Thank you!

Esteemed Contributor II
Good/bad is subjective.  Your shot shows typcial 2.4g bandwidth utilization, channels 1 and 11 a little hotter than channel 6.
Are you having any AP reboots or client problems on this AP?

New Contributor II
There are reports of issues at the site that this AP is deployed at, and I wanted to make sure that channel utilization wasn't an issue. 

Usually you will get issue can't connect to WiFi, this is because issue channel ultilization from device is -65db or above. So recommendation is stay in 1-65db