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I have 100 AP's and ZD3050 as a controller

New Contributor
I have 100 AP's and ZD3050 as a controller, and the support of both AP license and controller are expired, can I buy only the support for ZD3050? or I need to buy also the 50 AP license support?

What will happen if I don't buy AP license support for my 50 access points??

I had this experience. The vendor "forgot" to add the extra 50 licenses into the ZD. When we provisioned AP number 51, it simply did not work. I suspect only 50 APs will work.
It gets worse... the license is model specific. So if you get replacements in the future.... you'll need new licenses.

Thanks, Victor, yes that's true, you need extra 50 AP licenses to be able to provision and manage by ZD.

But how about "support" for AP licenses

New Contributor II
Hi Joel,

Yes you would need to purchase support for the 50 additional licenses.

If you try to contact TAC without the correct support coverage, They will refer you back to your VAR to remedy it before assisting you.

While i haven't attempted to upgrade firmware on a ZD that is only half supported, I would think it should deny you the same as if it wasn't supported at all.

Note that while you still have the option to purchase support for TAC assistance ZD3000 has already passed it End of Maintenance date, and will no long receive firmware patches.

I would suggest that you consider transitioning to the smart zone platform. your ongoing support costs would likely be cheaper (especially if virtual).