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Role assignment via Radius AAA Accounting

New Contributor
Is it possible to use a radius attribute on a Windows NPS to assign a role to a user authenticating via Radius on a ZD controller? I can find group attributes, but not a role assignment. Trying to authenticate admins via Radius. 

FYI: Googled for hours, searched here, either end up getting 404 errors on their website, or 403s if I'm not logged into an account.

Contributor III
Yes. Definitively possible. You might need to import the attribute or dictionary onto nps but the attribute you want is called "Ruckus-User-Groups". You can find some more details here.

Googling for that specific term should lead you in the right direction.

If you don't have a support account you can get the radius dictionary here

But from what I understand you have to load the dictionary manually (meaning add the attributes by hand if they are not there).

If using zone director I believe that's it. Just return the name of the role you defined in ZD and it should take. In smartzone I believe you have to create a mapping between the string received in radius and the actual role you want to use. In ZD it's a one to one mapping if I'm not mistaken.

Good luck!

Contributor III
Not sure this link works for you. But seems directly what you need.