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How to export list of APs from a ZoneDirector 3000

New Contributor II
I have a ZoneDirector 3000 and about 181 APs (7363). Is there a way to export a complete list of all APs to file that I can use in Excel. Have tried copy and paste from screen but it keeps on auto-refreshing, even when I have told it not to under the toolbox.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Ian,

A bit of an obscure trick - but you can use the Warranty Registration feature - ZoneDirector >> Administer >> Registration and it will create a CSV containing the MAC and serial number of all connected APs on the device. (for extra credit you can then use this file to register them at )

Thanks for the tip, I know it's an old topic but I still have a question, what does "Product Info" refers to in the CSV ? 'Cause it's always empty and I can't find the field to fill it in my ZD. In a second time, is there a way to also have the description or the location of AP's in the CSV (I'm actually stuck  with only empty "product info", product modele, S/n, Mac@)

New Contributor III
Is there an easy way to export AP list including status and if Disconnected, when was the AP last seen by the ZD? Export to CSV option in ZD only shows if the AP is Connected or Disconnected but not the "Disconnected (date_time)".

Contributor III
I normally expand the monitor AP screen to show all AP's (or as many as possible) then just left click in top left corner of GUI and then drag to bottom right to highlight all field then right click copy and paste into excel. You need to spend a few mins deleting icons and columns you dont need but it gets you the info you want.