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ZoneDirector Timezone vs Browser TimeZone

New Contributor II
I have a network setup that is part of a traveling group. We have many parts and pieces to our system (VoIP, servers, barcode scanner hardware, wireless etc...) Because we may be in a different time zone every day, all of the equipment is set to GMT and to look at our main NTP server. This way when we move to a new timezone, I just change the time (not the zone) on the main time server, and everything else updates automatically. The problem I'm having is that the Zone director is trying to do its own thing. It see the NTP server and sets it time off of it correctly, but then when logging in via the web interface, it tries to to display logs / events using the "browser" time zone.  I'm not really sure what the browser time zone is as it is also displaying the incorrect time, but is it possible to force the ZD to only display events/logs using its internal timezone?

It feels like what is happening right now is that it knows that it it GMT, it then polls my browser for its timezone and then offsets. So even through my computer time is correct to the current location (EST), the ZoneDirector actually shows it as 5 hours earlier than ZD time since it thinks it is GMT... Any way to override or get it to always display in ZD time?