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How to disable WLAN

I see the release notes for 9.8 emphasize that before changing antenna settings on a 7982, I need to disable all WLANs including the mesh WLAN.

How is this done? On the Configure tab, the WLAN does not have a Disable function.

Is removing the WLAN from all AP's considered disabling the WLAN?
Or use one of the settings in these screenshots?
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3eb135b77e2478e2d5d_58dd0747002f98acde26ea6da8ae9589_lonnie076_inline-09d5a890-6d94-4674-a5dc-70476998f453-396637690.jpg1403557187 Image_ images_messages_5f91c3eb135b77e2478e2d5d_db9a7b1fd7a218ef2d4dfa5dc63053ff_lonnie077_inline-bbef4154-a834-4092-b23b-c676b8dbcd52-1641418569.jpg1403557196

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That applies to outdoor units 77XX only.

But the question remains what exactly is meant by "...user disables all WLANs (including mesh)". What SSID broadcasting or completely shut down the 5G radio?

If you disable the 5G radio on a mesh AP that would leave it stranded and you wouldn't be able to make any changes anyway so some clarification here would be helpful.

Sorry, you're right on the outdoor units, I got my numbers switched. The one I have is a 7762. Not a 7762S, a regular 7762.

It seems to me that if you disable the 5G radio to make antenna changes, you are right in that the mesh AP would be stranded, but that would only be temporary - when you enable the 5G radio, the mesh AP would be connected again.

But my question is still, how to disable the production WLANs, and how to disable the mesh WLAN.

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Primoz is right. When you disable 5G radio on MESH AP. It goes offline and disconnected from ZD and Root or upstream mesh AP if any. Post disabling 5G radio on MESH if you have to enable 5G back there is NO way to enable 5G on disconnected MESH AP as Mesh is OFF and this AP is nolonger in control of ZD hence it is stranded. On dual band AP's mesh won't happen on 2.4g on a side note.

On your question - how to disable the production WLANs, and how to disable the mesh WLAN.

There is NO option to disable Mesh WLAN on ZD except hard reset. You can only turn off mesh on connected AP on ZD as seen in the image you posted -

As far as disabling production WLANs is concerned, you make a WLAN group with NO SSID or WLAN in it.

Then you can make a AP group include the AP model (example ZF7782) and then assign the WLAN group you created above to this AP group. this will apply to all Zf7782 AP's

hope this helps.

Hello, yeah, I understand, I hadn't thought that through.

Ok, I think this answers my questions, thanks guys for the informative posts.