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How to confirm Smartroam+ enabled?

New Contributor II
I am wondering how you can check if 802.11v is enabled on a Zonedirector 3025 with R700 and R710 AP's?  I found the below on unleashed side of the forum but does not seem to match ZD CLI.  Thanks

To check if BTM (802.11v) is enabled please use the below command.

"get bss-trans-mgmt wlanid"

rkscli: get bss-trans-mgmt wlan33
BSS Transition Management:Enabled

To confirm if the clients are 802.11v capable use the below command, in which BTM value should be '1'.

"get station wlanid info"

rkscli: get station wlan33 info
MAC Addr          AID Rate RSSI VLAN Idle ERP State Flags RecvSigStrength BTM
xx:xx:xx:xx:54:4c   1   6M   46    1    0   0  a02b     0             -59 1
xx:xx:xx:xx:43:fc   2   6M   29    1    0   0 4a02b     0             -76 1

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Robert,

I just checked those command on the ZD and they are working fine. Those 2 command are the right command to check on the 802.11v support.

The Smartroam+ feature is an enhancement to the existing Smartroam feature available in our ZD. You can use the same commands that were used to enable Smartroam.

To enable the Smart Roam on the ZD. Please refer the below article.

You can check first if the Smartroam is enabled on not using the below command on the ZD.

ruckus(config)# show wlan
SmartRoam = Enabled/Disabled Roam-factor = ?

Sanjay Kumar

New Contributor II
Do they just get ran from the #config or have to go into a different section? Thanks

Hi Robert,

Below commands are from the AP CLI.
get bss-trans-mgmt wlan33
get station wlan33 info

Below command is from the ZD CLI under enable mode.
show wlan name

To enable the Smartroam, the commands has to be entered on the ZD config mode as per the KB article.

Sanjay Kumar