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How do I stop Guest Pass page from pre-populating the phone number field?

New Contributor II
The Guest Access page uses a phone number field that for some reason gets pre-populated.  We want to have the field be blank for new guest pass forms. I am not able to find where this is configurable.  

Esteemed Contributor II
Can you explain where you see phone numbers in a Guest Access WLAN? 
Can you provide a screen shot?  There is no phone number details in Terms
of Use that can be optionally displayed, nor in the Local Database user (just
uid/pw with associated Guest Access only Role) on the ZD side.  Clients who
connect are only prompted for their Guest Pass code, and once authenticated
the Date and Time the pass expires is shown, but no phone numbers anywhere
along the path...

New Contributor III
Maybe the question is referring to the guestpass generation form (page https://ZDname/guestpass) which has two new fields starting with 9.8: E-mail and Phone Number.
Phone Number field has a value by default while E-mail is empty.

New Contributor II
@alexf , correct.  That is the issue we are having.  How can we ensure the default value is null for Phone Number? 

Esteemed Contributor II
I see, when logging in as a user to request a Guest Pass, a "4081234567" default phone number is shown/pre-populated.  (I tested with 9.12 firmware)

Is this the phone number that you see, if it is not updated by the user?