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How can I factory reset ZD1200 without local management connection?

New Contributor
I have inadvertently enabled DHCP on my ZD1200, and have lost local management. I had a static IP address, which now doesn't work, and neither can I access via the AP web interface.

I have tried, but this doesn't work either.

Is there a way I can apply factory reset to enable me to connect again?


Esteemed Contributor II
Answered before I could offer looking for the ZD's MAC address (from bottom label) on your DHCP lease table...

New Contributor

My ZoneDirector 1200 will not factory reset, even after holding down F/D button for 12-15 seconds, status light continuously flashing red, any tips?


I have same problem

I had this issue some days back when ZD will not respond. Status light was green but no communication using dedicated IP.

It would not hard reset or factory reset using the front reset buttons.

Had to contact Ruckus and send the item back.

They confirmed unit was DOA and sent me replacement.

@abdul_rehman How u did that? I've send them an email but they didn't answer.. I've the same issue