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Has anyone created an Expect script to backup the configuration file of the ZoneDirector?

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I would like to run this as a daily job from my Unix server.

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Here's a sample using the expect library in Ruby, and involving other commands, but it should give you a good framework to expand on:

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You got me curious so here's a very simple python script (which in this case grabs my standalone AP syslog, then turn control of the session over to me). Uses pexpect which is a very simple python library to provide expect-like controls.

#!/usr/bin/env python
import pexpect #
child = pexpect.spawn ('ssh')
child.expect ('Please login:')
child.sendline ('myuserid)
child.expect ('password :')
child.sendline ('mypassword')
child.expect ('rkscli:') # the normal AP prompt
child.sendline ('get syslog log')
print child.before #this object refers to the output of the last child call
child.interact() #puts me on the AP CLI

I used this to verify that 9.7 corrects the "channel 165 blocked" issue (it does)

I think this would be easily adaptable to your need. Pexpect is easy to find on google and installation was trivial.

If you haven't scripted before, python is a pretty gentle introduction with clean syntax and not too many rules about typing variables and such. Lot's of tutorials online as well. Almost any major scripting language will do, so if you already are comfortable with one, most have expect or a variant already installed or installable.

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I'm a little dense, what would actual command line usage of this tool look like to download or backup a config from an AP and ZoneDirector ?