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calculating total support/license cost

New Contributor III
Looking at a ZD 1200 with 7 APs.  I'm comparing to an existing Meraki install with 5 APs.  The latter is easy - $100 per AP/year for support/updates.  What would be the cost on the Ruckus solution?  I believe I need licensing on the ZD (is this one-time or recurring?) and then a support contract to access firmware updates.  I see I can buy Ruckus from various vendors online, but I assume licensing and support is handled direct.  Knowing the cost without a lengthy sales pitch would be helpful in comparing the two options.


Valued Contributor
Hi Sporkman,

The forum is more used for support queries.

If you have sales / pricing questions, please contact your local ruckus dealer, or Ruckus on +1 (650) 265-4200

Kind regards

Valued Contributor II
solution cost is made up of 4 parts:

1) hardware (AP + controller + accessries)
2) Lic (you need to buy 2 per AP lic)
3) Support pack/AMC/ Recurring cost - this is optional however good to have in case of important and critical install. if you don;t take this, you loose on advance replacement, software upgrade and Technical support from Ruckus and you are on your own with kit.
4) Implementation cost: this is billed by partner who does the install depending on scope of work and type of install.

Valued Contributor II
lic is one time
support pack or AMC is recurring with 1, 3 and 5 years terms..
for estimate... better get in touch with sales guy with Ruckus

New Contributor III
Hmm.  Not even a hint?  We don't have a reseller, generally deal with used equipment. I hate having to pick up the phone for this info in the 21st century.  7 APs, ZoneDirector 1200, licensing and premium support, this must be a line item someone can quote no?